Close to Zen is an exclusive jewellery brand of Dutch origin, handcrafted by the best traditional silversmiths in Bali.

The collection includes luxury and timeless earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings.

They are all made from high-quality materials like silver, 22k gold-plated, leather and gems.

Close to Zen brings spirituality, trends and traditions together.


The collections are decorated with silver or golden dots, which are carefully placed one by one by the Balinese silversmiths.

This gives the jewels the unique Close to Zen look.

The Balinese are very spiritual. They believe that everything is filled with life, love and a soul.

Not only living beings, but also objects, like the Close to Zen jewels.

This is the reason why Balinese Buddhists bless every single item of Close to Zen which makes these jewels

not only beautiful, but spiritual as well.

We represent Close to Zen exclusively for Spain.

Close to Zen has a basic collection and a summer/winter collection.

The basic collection is always available throughout the year and can be ordered any time.

For the summer and winter collections, check our Facebook and website.


If you are interested becoming a point of sale for Close to Zen or if you want more information, feel free to contact us!

Impression Close to Zen Collection Summer 2018:


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